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Sirman Kitchen Equipments

Product Code  KC-N/A

Bharti Refrigeration Works is a Leading Sirman Kitchen Equipments supplier in Delhi, India, We offering Sirman Kitchen Equipments at Best Price in Delhi, India. The offered Sirman Kitchen Equipments in Delhi, India is valued by our patrons for their quality. The complete range of Sirman Kitchen Equipments is having export quality supplying in Delhi, India which is manufactured by using modern techniques under the observation of skilled professionals. The offered Sirman Kitchen Equipments in Delhi, India, is checked on various parameters by our quality controllers. We are also distributor and exporter of Sirman Kitchen Equipments in Delhi, India

sirman1Product Code  N/A
- Anodized cast a/unwm/m a/my
- Lax am In! easy crearwvg
- Strong and srlenkmnnrng asyncmmaus nmmr
- Re/lab/9 WIIV we drive
- Famed, hardened /we mrmress D/antes
- Damage /u/vmnq on sen-nrmazrrrg bushes
-In sharpener rs standard /or a/lmudels
- Te//an coated rrr mameu blades avarlable

TC-12E-22EProduct Code  N/A
TC 12E-22E
- Made from diecasted polished aluminium.
- Ventilated motor
- Oil—bath gear box
- Cast iron head and feeding worm.
(Aisi 304 stainless steel on demand).
- S/S plates and knives.

Bone-SawsProduct Code  N/A
Bone Saws
Simple and sturdy machines that are safe and easy to use.
Stand—alone structure made out of cast anodized aluminium, shiny, hygienic and rustproof.

Features a counter, meat pusher and serving slicer in stainless steel AISI 304. 24V controls with safety micro—switch on door, redundant ECU and motor brake (EC). Utmost simplicity and accuracy when horizontally and vertically adjusting the upper pulley

Maximum blade adhesion to the pulley, thanks to the semi—curved shape of the pulleys and ideal adjustment. Airtight bearings on upper pulley. Smooth cleaning thanks to 2 special manufacturing details:

All the electrical parts are protected IP X5 or higher
By simply unscrewing two knobs, you can remove the blade, upper pulley and its support, thereby making for a surface void of any encumbrance.

Powerful asynchronous and ventilated 4- pole motors protected by sealing oil sump. The machines use tempered 16 mm blades to shred bone, frozen or fresh.

Bowl-CutterProduct Code  N/A
Bowl Cutter
- Strong A/SI 430 steel construction.
- Detached motor and bowl for a better thermal insulation.
- S/S bowl with handles and heavy bottom.
- High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation.
- Strong cutlery steel knives.
- Sate operations ensured by a system of micro switches on the /id.
- See-through lexan lid.
- Variotronic: speed control with stabilizer

Vegetable-Cutter1Product Code  N/A
Vegetable Cutter
Aluminium alloy and S/S construction. Ventilated motor for continuous operation. Thanks to its compact design the machine is easy to install inside every kitchen.

The exclusive feeding system makes easy to process also soft products like mozzarella cheese. Safe operation is ensured by interlock switches on product pusher, lid and collecting tray.
Version with dishwashing safe S/S lid available. Large number of discs available for every purpose.

VULCANOProduct Code  N/A
- Stainless steel construction
- Refractory brick decks
- Shock—proof heating elements
- Air-hole
- Ceramic fibre lining VULCANO
- adjustable thermostats VULCANO 26'
- 2 separate backing chambers thermal insulated
- 2 thermostats for each chamber which select the lower and upper zone

Elio-CortProduct Code  N/A
- Thanks to its small size, it is easy to handle and to position, offering as well a large cooking surface.
- Ribbed and smooth surfaces available,
- Stainless steel construction.
- Cast iron plates with ceramic coating treatment:
higheststurdiness and life time; perfect thermal conductivity; very easy to clean.
- Adjustable upperplates;
- Self balancing upperp/ate;
- Shock-proof coated heating elements, adherent to the plates for a perfect thermal conductivity
- Adjustable thermostat up to 300° C.
- Mechanical timeravailable.

- Made from stainless steel.
- Heating up controlled by a symosthat. - Galvanized steel gridiron and heating elements protection grill.
Easy to remove crumb pan.
Grindiron can be placed on 4 levels
accordingly to the coocking requirements.

- Stainless steel body
- Hight on the heating structure can be adjusted.
Easy to remove crumb pan.
Galvanized steel gridiron.
Shock proof heating elements.
Vent outlets. Electronic symosthats.

PPJ-LCJProduct Code  N/A
Made from AlS/ 304 Stainless steel. Se/f—tensioning poll-V belt drive. High efficency ventilated motors for continuous operation. Stainless steel peeling disc. Easy to replace abrasive surface. Patented removable dishwashing safe container and bottom peeling disc (no tools required) Automatic unloading system. Stainless stell outlet opening with quick and sealedlocking. Adjustable 8/8 feet can be fixed to the floor Easy service and easy access to the components.

CE version with: Microswitch on the lid Microswitch on outlet opening one speed verian 6, 10 and 20: Potato peeler (PPJ). Shell washer (LCJ) without abrasive surfaces. Zspeeds version 10: Potato peelerl shell washer (PP/LC) requires 2 containers. Potato peeler/vegetable drier (PP/A V) requires drier basket. Optional: Vegetable drier basket (only version 10). Longer opening for shopping bags. Fast water inlet connection. S/S trestle and sieve.

- Highly effective cooling system. - Sturdy and light weight fiberglass ABS body. - Ergonomichandle. - Fixed and variable speed controls available. - Safety device preventing switching on by mistake. - Triggerswitch for continuous blending. - Powered by 3 differentmators. - lPX3protection. - Ouickcouplingdevice. - Shafts available in2length: 25, 35 cm. - Cutlerystee/knives. - Optional: Pot support, wall attachment, whisk. Whisk with metal gearing. Demountable and dishwashing safe whisk.

- Highly effective cooling system. - Sturdy and light weightfiberglass ABS body. - Ergonomic handle. - Hubberbufferbetween motor and shaft. - High efficiency motors, - 3 controls available:

APOLLO-Citrus-JuicersProduct Code  N/A
APOLLO Citrus Juicers
Commercial easy to use citrus juicer with round design. White or chrome body, no edges or seams for easy cleaning. Stainless steel bowl is removable for cleaning and is dishwasher safe, ABS bowl available on request. Fteamerand sieve are one piece to squeeze with the maximum efficiency Aluminium stainless steel lever to avoid any food contactis available on request. Patented safety microswitch on the cone allows to activate the juicer when the product is pushed down. The /uiceris available withoutmicros witch as well. Speed control on request.

Drink-Mixers-SirioProduct Code  N/A
Drink Mixers Sirio
A complete line of drink mixers with a modern soft design. Designed to commercial use, they meet all European and North-American safety requirements. White or chrome head, aluminium stem and die casting base for a perfect stability no edges orseams for easier cleaning. Countertop (1 or2 cups) or wall unit versions available. Transparent 550 cc lexan cup or stainless steel cup on request. 900 cc stainless steel cup on 120 W version.

Powerful ventilated motor fora longerlife. Spindle with three aluminium and s/steel agitators for preparing cocktails and drinks, or with a special round agitator forfrozen coffees orfor creamier results. Safety microswitch on the cup support (optional fornon UE countries). Speedcontrol on request.

Highly effective cooling system.
Sturdy and light weight fiberglass ABS body Ergonomic handle.
Rubber bufferbetwe en motor and shaft.
High efficiency motors.
3 controls available:

One speed.
Drill like speed control.
Variotronic: speed control with stabilizen
Safety device pre venting switching on by mistake.
Trigger switch for continuous blending.
3 different motors.
IPX3 protection.
Quick coupling device.
Shafts available in 2 length: 35 and 45 cm.
Completely demountable shafts for an accurate cleaning and a longer life.
Completely stainless steel shaft and bell.

CERVINO-blast-chillersProduct Code  N/A
CERVINO Blast Chillers
- Designed for high efficiency and ease of use.
- Made from laminated metal outer structure and stainless steel inner structure.
- Cervino 5- 10- 14 Gelateria: made from stainless steel.
- It can accept both 1/ 1 gastronorm trays or 60x40 cm trays (not on Lampo).
- Cervino 5: distance between shelves cm 5.
- Cervino 10 - 14: distance between shelves adjustable every cm 3.
- Blasttreezing/chilling programs and hold function.
- Diffused ventilation prevents product damage.
- R404/1 Gas.
- Heated door gasketavoids door's clogging.
- Cervino Ge/ateria with SOFTfreezing program.
- Suitable torstacking maxkg 100.

- The induction ho easy to install on every working surface in kitc restaurants or dining rooms; t to the absence of fumes they are perfect ublic cooking performan when the preparation is made in View of customers.
- Graduated ' ' controls.
- Extremely easy to use and to clean.
- Smooth cooking surface makes cleaning easy
- Safe operations are ensured by the cooki rface which is never heating .
- lnducti obs are ener avin anks atin ' ' no and no need t tup.
- Electric rption is sto W e pan is rem the hob surface.

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